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Judith M.

It was a pleasure to have lived at 1600, boul. du Souvenir. The house is nice with excellent facilities and nice furnished rooms. I always felt comfortable living here and felt like this was my real home. The service  definitely reflects the excellent conditions of the house


All-in-all, I had a positive experience and would definitely recommend giving Residences Etudiantes Montmorency a try! You will be pleasantly surprised with not only the homes, but also the responsive service they provide.

Joshua Vigoureux

Residences Etudiantes Montmorency is a great place to stay! The building is clean and newly renovated. The management is very helpful and ensure a great experience for all tenants. 


Kayla G.

I love le1600 they made life as a university student sooo much easier!

Lyndsey S

I found my place in Residence Montmorency 4 years ago. I loved my place so much that I asked them if I could stay for 4 years.

Sherley P.

It's been great working with Brenda, She's been really helpful and very quick responses. A huge thanks for her efforts and for guiding me throughout.

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